About our gowns

Studio Levana designs and creates beautiful and exquisite wedding dresses that are unique in our approach to give special gown for special needs. For example:

  • All of our dresses are really light: You can see in the pictures, you won’t find any heavy or hard fabric. 
  • With our plus size collection, you don’t have to imagine how the dress will look on a plus-size girl. It is initially made for size 16+ and it is designed with our special patented corset that holds your bust without bra (no matter your bra size) and emphasizes your waist to enhance your curves.
  • For our modest collection, you don’t have to add sleeves and raise the neckline to make your dress modest. It’s designed to be modest from the first stitch and never looks like some fabric is just added to it.
  • Our maternity dresses are made on a maternity mannequin with beautiful light, stretchy, and comfortable fabrics so you and your baby will feel great without any pressure. The dresses are also shown on a pregnant model so you can see how it will look on you.

We make dresses according to your measurements. 

The Story

The story begins when the designer, when Evgenia couldn’t find the wedding dress for herself. Everything around felt like too much. They were so heavy, with a lot of stones, beads, crinoline and puff. At that time, in 2009, it was hard to find a dress different than the cupcake dress, or it was very pricey and still not “the one”.

Evgenia decided that she has the right vision and taste from working in the design sphere as a student to make “the one” for her on her own. That’s how Studio Levana was born: with a patterns and light fabrics on the floor of a rented flat, a home sewing machine, and a lot of faith in herself.

Now, Studio Levana is a three floor boutique with a professional sewing workshop on the upper floor where the magic is done.