• Has the modest trend hit you unprepared?
  • Are the Curvy brides leaving because they can’t find the perfect fit in the fashion-forward designs?
  • Are you looking for a fresh new design to make your brides say WOW?
We want to let you reach the curvier brides that are leaving disappointed, because they’re looking for your up to date style, but don’t see how it will fit and flatter their curves.
Our New Modest line lets the bride customize how modest they want the gown so that you can cater to the religious, modest and modest-trend brides
The unique corset found in our designs is made to hold everything in and slim the brides down so that we can make fashion-forward gowns that will shock the curvy fashionista bride

A sneak peek of our styles Available to see at the show

What are the benefits of being a Studio Levana retailer?

  • Working with the most up and coming bridal fashion designer that caters to a new demographic – Curvy and Modest brides

  • Stocking new fashion-forward designs that will bring in a whole new clientele and increase your sales

  • We are flexible – Together we will plan the best course of action that will bring you the best opportunities and benefit your boutique
As seen in compaign "Real Women"


  •  Our designs include a unique, long interior corset that hides the tummy, maximizes curves and gives extra support to the bust, so that even women with larger bust sizes won’t need any special undergarments.
  •     With this corset design, you will never see the boning structure bending or the tummy sticking out. It ensures a nice, curvy shape (not triangular) in the bust area.
  •     All of our dresses are made-to-measure, which is especially important when it comes to plus sizes.
  •     We are flexible and can accommodate all sorts of customization requests.
  •     We are able to fulfil rush orders on as short as 6 weeks’ notice.
  •     Unlike many other collections, our plus-size dresses aren’t simply larger sizes of other wedding dresses. We design patterns specifically for our plus-size styles to ensure a perfect fit.
  •     Our Modest collection is one of a kind and will let your brides customize the dress to fit exactly what they love – sleeve length, transparency, and cleavage.


You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see our corset magic in action live!
This is completely different then any corset you have seen before. 

Also, We will be offering a special rate for orders made at the NY show 

When and where will we meet?
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Don’t miss the chance to see our amazing designs live